Moroccan Black Soap (beldi)

Moroccan Black Soap (beldi)

Morocco, a land of a thousand colors and a myriad of spices. There are countless secrets to Moroccan diversity related to all aspects of daily life, and Morocco’s famous black soap is one of those hidden treasures.

Moroccan Black soap, also called “Sabon Beldii” or “Savon Noir” is one of the most popular soaps in Morocco. Beldii derives from the Moroccan word ‘beld,‘ meaning country, territory, property, or land. And ‘Beldii’ refers to authentic artifacts of the region or country.

Beldii soap was created for the traditional bath, the Moroccan Hammam, bathing practiced method with a long history. A regular visit to the hammam is an integral part of Moroccan culture, and Beldii soap plays a crucial role in the beauty ritual of bathing in the hammam.

The Ingredients & Benefits of Moroccan Black Soap

Moroccan black soap is renowned for its beauty benefits. It has a pasty consistency and primarily contains olive oil, olive paste, and potash ( potassium hydroxide). Soap is saponified with potassium hydroxide to give it its gel-like texture.

Generally, black olives are chosen because of their antioxidant properties and high vitamin E content.  Olives are packed with nutrients makes them natural exfoliators.  It is free of potentially harsh ingredients like sulphate, paraben, etc., and not tested on animals either, and they are suitable for all skin types.

It is rich in Vitamin A and E, which is an excellent moisturizer and emollient.  Some regular soaps tend to dry out the skin and remove its natural moisture and sebum. Due to its powerful antioxidant effect, the skin is protected from aging and dryness, leaving it silky and soft.

Typically, Moroccan Black Soap is very dark in color; therefore, it is Black Soap. However, it can also be brown, green, or black, depending on the manufacturer’s recipe and essential oil.

What to Consider Before Buying:

It is always important to read the ingredients before purchasing Beldii Soap.  Be sure to choose a Natural Beldii Soap that uses traditional recipes or is rich in essential oils, natural perfume, and free of harsh chemicals and artificial perfume.

How to Use Moroccan Black Soap

At Spa or Moroccan Hammam

Morocco’s steam bath consists of several successive steam rooms, each slightly warmer than the last. To properly cleanse, the bather slowly works from the coolest to the hottest room. Once the skin has sweated, and the pores have opened, Beldii soap should be applied to the damp skin (avoid the eyes). This soap is used as a cleansing mask – it is left on the skin for three to ten minutes, then rinsed with water.  Wet the Kessa glove (a washing mitt made of coarse fabric) and gently scrub your whole body. As a result of the exfoliation, the skin feels revitalized and super smooth.

At Home – check also our other suggestion in the other article

Moroccan soap has deep roots that can be embraced even if you don’t live in Morocco. Run the shower scorching before stepping inside so that steam can rise and fill the shower. Then lower the temperature to a level you can tolerate and steam yourself for 5 to 10 minutes until the steam envelopes you and your skin feels warm and soft, which will allow your pores to open. With water off, apply a thin layer of Tamr Henna Moroccan Black Beldii Soap to your body from shoulder to feet using small circular motions while working it into a slight lather. Leave the soap on your skin for 5-10- minutes in a steamy bathroom to reap the most benefit from its aroma-therapeutic properties. Rinse off all the soap with warm water. 

Wet the Tamr Henna Kessa glove and gently scrub your whole body. Rinse the glove often to remove any dead skin that forms.

Tip:  After cleansing, moisturize your skin with a natural moisturizer like  Tamr Henna Pure Argan Oil for a glowing complexion. 

always use the spoon and keep the black soap away of water and in a mild temprature

By itself, Moroccan Black Soap is one of the most valuable cosmetic allies you can have. However, we elevated the skincare to the next level by adding essential oils and natural scents to mix. Our Tamr Henna Moroccan Soap is created with authentic ingredients and infused with argan oil and verbena essential oil for multiple benefits and natural scents. A modern-day variation of traditional recipes for a deep but gentle exfoliation.

Scrub off dead skin cells away and emerge renewed, detoxed, glowing, moisturized, and cleansed – Body & Soul!

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